Blackball International is delighted to announce the partnership that has been forged with BLADE Cue. This revolutionary concept will assist both our Junior and Senior players develop their talent on the pool table. Blackball International joins other governing bodies of the cue world in endorsing the BLADE cue.

Dear Members, The President of Blackball International, Mr Martin Kirwan, and the Secretary, Ms Margarite Lopez, have resigned from their respective positions. In view of the above, I have been appointed as the President of BI. It is unfortunate that, at this late stage, the 2018 World Blackball Championships have not been organised, as yet. […]

December 2016 It is my pleasure to announce the acceptance of the fourth continental member to BI and the signing of a major contract with the International Chinese Eight-ball Association which will provide BI with sponsorship annually of Euro 5000 for BI international events. BI has negotiated that the ICEA will run in conjunction with […]