2018 World Blackball Championships

06thMarch 2018 Dear Continental Presidents It gives me great pleasure to finally announce the 2018 World Blackball Championships,

06thMarch 2018

Dear Continental Presidents

It gives me great pleasure to finally announce the 2018 World Blackball Championships, which will take place in Bridlington, United Kingdom from 19thto 27thNovember 2018, inclusive of arrival and departure dates.

With the resignation of the President and the Secretary of Blackball International, we were placed in a predicament as the 2018 World Blackball Championships had not been organised. The only way to salvage the situation was to approach the EBA for assistance in order for BI to host a WBC this year.

The World Blackball Championship is the flagship event of Blackball and deserves to be hosted in a venue that befits such a prestigious event. However, due to the severe time constraints, finding such a venue was extremely difficult. In view of this, the BI Board approached the EBA, which readily came to our rescue. The EBA and Mr Alan Marshall, who enjoy an amicable relationship with the East Riding Yorkshire Council, had approached the Council for the venue to host the WBC. BI expresses its appreciation to the  East Riding Yorkshire Council for re-arranging events, that had been scheduled to take place at the SPA, in order to enable BI to host the WBC during that period. BI aso wishes to place on record its sincere gratitude to the EBA and Mr Alan Marshall, in particular, for successfully securing Bridlington SPA as a venue for the 2018 WBC.  

I would like to assure the Blackball fraternity that this is a turning point in the history of BI as we are now entering a new era. Radical changes are being made to ensure that BI is completely transformed and takes its rightful place in the sporting world.

The following are some of the changes:

  1. The administration of BI is being overhauled in order to propel the organisation forward.
  2. There will be a minimum guaranteed Prize Fund of £30, 000 UK for the 2018 WBC.
  3. The 2018 WBC would be a new experience for Blackball members as there will be live Television coverage, arranged by Mr Alan Marshall. There will also Live Streaming by ICEA.
  4. In our endeavour to host the WBC on different continents, the 2020 WBC will be held in Geelong, Melbourne, Australia. The dates will be announced at the 2018 WBC.
  5. The 2022 WBC will be hosted by South Africa. Details of the event will be announced in due course.
  6. BI has been successful in infiltrating Asia and welcomes China as the first participating country from Asia in the 2018 WBC.

2018 would see the fruits of a partnership that has been forged between Blackball International and the International Chinese Eightball Association (ICEA). BI welcomes the ICEA, sponsor of a Chinese Eightball qualifier, which will run alongside the 2018 WBC. There are 59 available spots, with the sponsor keeping 5 spots.

The lucrative prizes for the qualifier include a prize fund of 10, 000, a flight ticket and accommodation for the winner to participate in the qualifier in China. In addition to this, the 2018 World Blackball Men’s Champion would receive a wild card spot and a flight ticket to the ICEA WE-Masters Final in China.

On behalf of BI, I wish to acknowledge and express our appreciation to the following sponsors for their generous sponsorship.

  1. East Riding YorkshireCouncil – cash sponsorship and providing the venue.
  2. Simonis – Simonis Cloth and Arimith Balls.
  3. ICEA – cash sponsorship and wildcard Entry for the World Blackball Men’s Champion.

The 2018 World Blackball Championships will cater for Team, Singles, Doubles and Speed Pool   events in the following categories:

  1. Juniors (Under 15)    Juniors (Under 18)                3.  Under 23            
  2. Men                                     5.  Women                                 6.  Seniors (Over 40)         
  3. Masters (Over 50) 8.   Special Needs (Male, Female or Mixed Teams)
  4. Wheelchair (Only Singles Event)   

In conclusion, I look forward to your co-operation and hope to work closely with all continents and individual countries so that the 2018 World Blackball Championship is a tremendous success.

Many thanks and all the best.

Yours in Sport